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Nexus Q to return as a gaming machine?

Anybody remember the Nexus Q ? The 300 dollar media streamer?

Will Googles Nexus Q return as a gaming machine at I/O 13?

Nexus Q

Nexus Q

At Google’s I/O event last year Google announced the Nexus Q a beautiful media streamer with a powerful heart that looked absolutely stunning.  Well shortly after announcement Google decided they weren’t going to ship it due to it not being worth $300 for the feature set. They said they’d bring it back with a better feature set.

Fair enough so what will happen to it? Well nobody really knows but I’ve got a feeling it will return as a gaming machine. It sounds absurd everybody is assuming it will be a Google TV. Well perhaps but there’s no mention of Google TV at I/O this year. There wasn’t last year either. It seems Google TV is dead in the water. There’s one session on the last day to do with Google TV , and it mentions how to create applications games and media for the Google TV platform and the new features of the next generation of Google TV devices. Could the Nexus Q be the next generation of Google TV ? With gaming in mind…

Google does intend on invading your living room somehow but how? Google TV failed with very low adoption rates. It’s quite possible the Nexus Q will return as gaming machine, with all the features from the original Nexus Q and Google TV.

After seeing the low cost Android gaming console OUYA smash Kickstarter records, there’s clearly a market for a low cost Android console. Not only that since OUYA there’s been a string of similar concepts. Such as the Game Stick. So you’re probably thinking well isn’t OUYA great for Google? It runs Android, right? Wrong! It does run Android but that’s irreverent. It doesn’t have the Play Store or Googles suite of apps to accompany it. This is where Google makes money from Android, the Play Store and content sales and in app purchases. As well as Admob ads within Android Apps.

It makes perfect sense for Google to build a gaming machine. It can invade your living room, and sell you all the content you want from the Play Store stream music from Google Music. YouTube videos. It makes perfect sense.  Furthermore Google is rumored to be adding subscription channels to YouTube. Real subscription channels, ones where you pay real money. Is Google out to murder Netflix with YouTube? I hope so ! First though they should be invading your living room.

Google just hired Noah Falstein as head game designer!

Well non of this is actually concrete or really has anything to do with gaming, however Google just hired Noah Falstein as head game designer! According to his LinkedIn he is head game designer at Google. Wait what? Head game designer?  That makes no sense and the only game Google has ever produced is Ingress.  This was produced by Ninantic labs at Google. This is a 2D MMORPG based on Google maps. Nothing like what Noah Falstein has worked on, he was one of the first employees of the recently shuttered Lucas Arts and worked on the Indiana Jones games.

Furthermore in the Glass APK tear down a gaming center was found hiding inside the code for My Glass app. So Google is building a game center linked to the Play services. Seems like it’s a similar thing to Origin or the Game Center in iOS.  Also in day 1 of I/O there will be no less than 5 sessions based around android Gaming. Day 2 there will be sessions on Android Graphics and what’s new with Play Services. As well as other possible sessions related to gaming, android and what’s new on the android platform.

So Google is clearly getting serious about gaming. Do you think they’re building a games console? Invading your living room with a re-invented Nexus Q? Let us know what you think on our social channels or in the comments below!

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